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PHI-NIX™ Data De-identification

TMCI's Big Data Analytics Team identifies key factors driving healthcare costs and impacting outcome management.

TMCI's Data Quality Management Team protects the safety of America's soldiers by guarding the integrity of electronic healthcare data for the Military Health System (MHS).

TMCI's Data Warehouse Team mines patient encounters to identify suicide risk factors in the Armed Forces.

TMCI's Master Data Management Analysts maintain patient and provider trust in national, state, regional, and commercial Health Information Exchanges and Data Repositories by guarding data accuracy and completeness.

TMCI saves federal clients $15 million over two years while protecting the continuum of healthcare for 1.2 million Wounded Warriors.

TMCI’s Software Test Team reduced the risk of introducing defects into production through well-planned and carefully executed test events on every Defense Health Agency (DHA) clinical and business system.

The next generation of health data de-identification.

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